Information for Healthcare Providers

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Put the SmartList ™ underlying technology to work for your organization.

  • Interoperable with your EMR  and PHRs using CCR and HL-7
  • Powerful rules-based software captures Observations of Daily Living, Symptoms and Conditons, Biometric Measurements, and Medications from patient and/or caregiver
  • Robust messaging platform enables coordination of care plans

Clinical trials have demonstrated improved patient outcomes

In an NIH sponsored clinical trial of older adult patients with hypertension and other chronic conditions , the Smart List intervention as compared with the standard of care:

  • Accelerated patients time to blood pressure target and improved adherence across all drugs in the study.
  • Blood pressure was lowered  twice as much and it was done with fewer drugs and at lower doses.

An affordable solution that can generate reimbursement for its use and help to streamline primary care practices

  • Medication risk assessment can be used to manage patient populations.
  • Solution also supports Medication Reconciliations and Medication Therapy Management.

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