About KnowMyMeds

What is Know My Meds?
KnowMyMeds can help you build a “smart” medication list using a simple step by step online interview. Maintaining a list of your medications, including prescriptions, over the counter medicine and herbal and vitamin supplements is among the most important information you can share with your health care providers, pharmacist and family.

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KnowMyMeds will generate a personalized medication list, highlighting any areas for concern as well as a generating list of specific questions relevant to you for your healthcare provider or pharmacist.

Rather than just giving you a template or a list outline to fill in, the KnowMyMeds solution guides you through an online “interview” in three parts, that then is used to build your medication list and capture any symptoms, conditions or other data that you report. The interview asks questions in a way that  captures a comprehensive list and gives you tools to discuss your medications with your doctor.   The list is easy to update, and if you need a little extra help or are concerned you might forget  something, you can go back and repeat some or all of the interview questions at any time.

Why is this important?

Maintaining a list of ALL of your medications – not just prescriptions from all of your doctors, but a list of all ongoing or incidental over-the-counter medications and vitamins or supplements you may be taking is vital for a number of reasons:

  • Roughly 530,000 preventable drug related injuries occur just among Medicare recipients in outpatient clinics. (Institute of Medicine of the National Academies, 2006)
  • At least one in 25 older adults, about 2.2 million people in the United States, take multiple drugs in combinations that can produce a harmful drug-drug interaction, and half of these interactions involve a non-prescription medication. Patients using less common drugs and non-prescription medications could be more at risk for harmful interactions because health care providers may be less familiar with their safety profile. (JAMA, 2008)

You can reduce this risk of any of this happening to you by keeping a list of all your medicines and related information, including over-the-counter drugs and vitamins or supplements. Sharing this list with your healthcare providers and appropriate family members can reduce these risks.  Using KnowMyMeds on behalf of someone as a caregiver or health proxy also enables improved visibility into self-medication, and facilitates open discussion about medication use.

Who is behind Know My Meds?

ActualMeds is committed to the development of solutions that promote continuous, productive care for older adults with chronic conditions. ActualMeds holds the exclusive license to intellectual property developed at the University of Connecticut and clinically validated in a NIH-funded clinical trial.

Is my information secure and private?

  • You control the KnowMyMeds record that you create and maintain: you decide what goes into it, and who you share information with. This information is yours. It is stored securely, and encrypted.
  • ActualMeds Corp. won’t use your information in KnowMyMeds to personalize ads or services without explicit permission from you. At this time, our platform is completely advertising-free.
  • Our solution is compliant with industry best practices and guidelines for individually-provided health related information. We are HIPAA compliant.